Solar Panel Cleaning

Make the most of the sunshine in Grantham and Rutland

Solar panel cleaning can make a huge difference in the performance of your solar PV installation. Solar panels need direct sunlight, and it’s amazing how much of that can be blocked by a thin layer of dust or traffic film. In some cases where panels were very dirty, homeowners have reported an immediate 30% increase in panel output after cleaning!

We can clean anything from a small 16-panel 4KW system right up to a multi-MW solar farm. We have four WD vehicles, so off-road access to solar farm installations is no problem for us.

We clean solar panels gently with soft brushes and pure water – no detergents or chemicals. It’s the same system we use to keep windows sparkling, and your solar panels will benefit from the same crystal-clear shine.

Call our friendly team today to discuss your solar panel cleaning needs and arrange a personalized quotation.

The areas we cover include: Ashwell, Buckminster, Edith Weston, Empingham, Glaston, Grantham, Hambleton, Harringworth, Oakham, Stamford and Uppingham.

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